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Susie Schneider October 1, 2016

We are so excited and happy to be joining the Carson City Community. Here's what our VP of Operations, Susie Schneider, had to say at our sneak peek ribbon cutting and open house event:

Good morning. I feel I should start off my informing you there is absolutely no product here on site today… so don’t get too excited. My name is Susie Schneider and I’m the Vice President of Operations for Green Thumb Industries (GTI).

GTI serves medical communities in markets across the country by providing patients in need with safe, reliable and therapeutic cannabis products. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re excited to bring our services and products to Carson City.

RISE Carson City is really the first dispensary of its kind. By that I mean: It’s entirely community and customer-centric and focuses on a “patients over profit” customer experience. We call it Legendary Customer Service.

Some of the words we use to describe RISE include: Uplifting, cozy, comfortable and engaging. The interior is like nothing you’d imagine: It feels more like a coffee shop than a facility that sells cannabis, and that’s exactly what we were going for.

We hope RISE will be a place where community members in need feel comfortable… they’re not just a number in line and they’re not rushed in and out the door. We have created a safe, warm environment where customers can learn how medical cannabis can help them achieve optimal health, balance and well-being, and also where they can connect with fellow patients to support one another.

I’m so excited for you to tour our facility so you can see exactly what I mean. I think my words will come to life the second you step through that doorway.

Thank you all so much for coming today to check out our small space. Moreover, thank you to Carson City for welcoming us into your community with open arms. We understand this is foreign territory… your open-mindedness, assistance and comraderie has helped us to feel right at home.

Thank you again and welcome to RISE Carson City!

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