RISE Erie Patient Testimonials

June 18, 2018


What a blessing; this program has given me my life back! The cannabis instantly removes all my chronic pain. I am able to move around better with no pain. My muscles are getting stronger, I can feel it!! Thank you to all the people at Rise; you all have been very helpful!” Anne, 60; June 11, 2018


“I have been going to Rise Erie since their opening. From the first moment I stepped in the door I was impressed. The entire staff is not only very helpful, but extremely polite and caring. I'm so grateful for Rise and their compassionate care they provide…. And I am sincere in all I say!” Jack, 55; June 12, 2018


“I am a 67-year-old woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Tremors are less, especially in my left leg. I do not have any more radical dreams, so I sleep better and also there is less drooling. Pain lotion is amazing! Works immediately and last all night. Rubbing my hands with it, I wake up without swollen stiff hands. A side benefit is it makes your skin soft! A little dab will do you. The staff at RiseErie are very helpful in getting you just what you need.” Deborah, 67; June 14, 2018


"The products and services at RISE Erie are truly 'life-saving' to me. For those who have experienced years of excruciating and debilitating pain, overwhelming nausea on a daily basis with so many other medications, and feeling like it will never end -- this is such a humane "godsend" to the patients of Pennsylvania who need this medication. While I am not totally pain-free, nor do I expect to be, this medicine helps me to feel 'human' again. Thank you for providing this service to me and to our community." Phil, 62; June 14, 2018


“I'm an ulcerative colitis patient and when I started using medical cannabis, I was in the middle of a full blown flare. Using cannabis as my method of treatment, I found immediate relief in most of my symptoms. I've been using medical cannabis for a little over 3 months now and I've seen a complete 180 degree turn in my condition. I truly can't deny how effective this approach has been for myself and my condition. My quality of life has improved tenfold.” Ryan, 20; June 17, 2018


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