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December 19, 2017
Green crack bullet silver available at rise dispensary

Leafly’s Faves 2017: Concentrates

BY LEAFLY STAFF  - December 19, 2017

Leafly’s Faves is a series providing a glimpse into the strains, products, and brands that our team of cannabis aficionados is buying, consuming, and enjoying the most every year. Some are entirely new to the market, while others are simply perennial favorites that we can’t recommend enough. Below, find our crew’s favorite cannabis concentrates of 2017. How many have you tried? What was your favorite concentrate of 2017? Share with us in the comments below!

Green Crack Distillate Cartridge by Bullet Concentrates

Available in: Nevada

Bullet Concentrates’ Silver Bullet Distillate Cartridges are as effective as they are elevating, and the Green Crack Cartridge is no exception. We’ve been including it as part of a balanced wake and bake morning for its burst of energy and robust terpene profile.


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